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Tiffany Kagure Mugo

Tiffany Kagure Mugo is the intoxicatingly scary gatekeeper of HOLAAfrica, a Pan African queer womanist community dealing with sexuality and all things woman. She is a bad ass Board Member of FRIDA Fund as well as a writer, media consultant and freelance journalist who tackles sex, politics and other less interesting topics. Once upon a time she was a Ted Speaker and an Open Society Youth Fellow and now has dreams of studying some new things. During weekends she is a wine bar philosopher and polymath for no pay.

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The online space making pandemic sex easier (sort of)

Posted Mar 19 Mayo 2020 - 17:02 | 4,937 views

Much as there is the risk of the online space breeding great amounts of anxiety, this can also be a time to form different types of human connection, find out more about innovative ways to get off and take a look at your love lives. Here is how.

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Sliding into the DMs - is the internet helping/hurting our snaxing?

Posted Mié 26 Jun 2019 - 09:14 | 3,765 views

In this podcast by Tiff and Manda, they explore what is happening when the internet enters the worlds(s) of lesbian, bisexual, queer women and others. Does it open up possibilities of those sliding into our DMs or can it be risky and even dangerous to be openly LGBTQI online. 

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Salir de Tumblr: ¿qué pasa con el sexo en internet?

Posted Mié 3 Abr 2019 - 18:18 | 6,842 views

Buena parte del material porno que predomina en línea es problemático en el mejor de los casos, y directamente terrible, en el peor, ya que muestran cuerpos de mujeres, personas queer y personas negras, entre otros, de manera degradante. ¿ Y el sexo agradable y positivo? Algunas reflexiones para el debate luego de los  cambios en Tumblr

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Turning from Tumblr: Where is sex positivity on the internet going?

Posted Mar 12 Mar 2019 - 09:45 | 10,776 views

The Tumblr porn ban reveals how laws in one country against sex trafficking can be used to police content online, and especially has an impact on queer, trans and other sexuality related content. Here Tiffany Mugo talks about what that does to the discourse around sex positivity online.

Image description: Woman on bed looking at laptop, dildo next to her

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Getting woke about getting laid: A HOLAAfrica sex positive experience

Posted Mié 17 Oct 2018 - 11:51 | 6,093 views

How to start a sex-positive conversation around queerness, sensuality and sexuality, gender expression, and even violence? HOLAAfrica is one platform that shows us how to do it. From pleasure manuals to podcasts to articles, the platform raises and discusses several sensitive issues and concerns relevant to African women, gender non-conforming persons and sexual minorities.

Image from Please her! project by Hola Africa