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Sujatha Subramanian

Sujatha has completed an M.Phil in Women’s Studies and her research interests include girlhood studies, feminist activism, women and technology, social media and popular culture. She has co-directed the documentaries ‘Aman ki Khoj: Dharavi’s Search for Peace’ and ‘Take Back the Fight’. She is currently working as a research coordinator with Sahapedia, an online encyclopedia of Indian culture and heritage.

Feminist talk

Why I decided to study feminist activism on social media

Posted Lun 15 Jun 2015 - 17:13 | 9,943 views
"As part of my research, I found it important to not just study and document such instances of misogynistic violence in online spaces but also instances of activism, of resistance, of solidarity," states Sujatha Subramanian in this great article that tracks back the path she walked to write "From the streets to the web: Looking at feminist activism on social media".