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"Sonia Randhawa is a member of's pool of writer. She is a director of the Centre for Independent Journalism in Malaysia, a board member of feminist communications organisation ISIS-International Manila and a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne."

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Diez datos sobre tu computadora: hardware, derechos laborales y el costo para las mujeres

Posted Vie 7 Abr 2017 - 17:42 | 4,433 views
¿De dónde provienen nuestras computadoras y teféfonos móviles? De las fábricas de electrónica ubicadas principalmente en países de Asia, y rara vez tenemos información sobre los desafíos que enfrentan las personas, principalmente mujeres, que allí trabajan. Veamos diez cuestiones que impactan sobre las mujeres trabajadoras de la industria electrónica.

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Ten facts about your computer: Health, hardware and the toll on women

Posted Mar 21 Feb 2017 - 19:03 | 8,034 views
This article takes a look at where our hardware comes from, the electronics factories situated in primarily Asian countries, and the challenges facing the people, primarily women, who work there, and the issues that impact upon women workers in the electronics industry. Ten facts about your computer that illuminate the gendered nature of the labour that is embedded in our hardware.

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[COLUMN] Taking action: Making climate justice and climate action a reality

Posted Jue 12 Ene 2017 - 12:50 | 4,675 views
In the final column on gender, ICTs and climate change, Sonia Randhawa explores what are the possible actions that individuals can take -- in the face of impending climate change and the devastating and inequitable effect it has on people. At an individual level, we can reduce our carbon footprint. We also need to get involved in the climate movement. The climate emergency is with us now, and we...

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[COLUMN] Finding solutions: Using ICTs to face the climate emergency

Posted Jue 22 Dic 2016 - 11:40 | 4,889 views
In her fourth column, Sonia Randhawa looks at whether ICTs can play a role in finding solutions to climate change. However while ICTs seem like an ideal technology for building networks and connections between people, it remains out of reach for most people, especially women who are often at the forefront of struggles in relation to climate change. Community radio is far more accessible for...

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[COLUMN] Joining the dots: ICT sweatshops facing the heat

Posted Jue 10 Nov 2016 - 13:14 | 72,331 views
This month's column by Sonia Randhawa looks at intersections between ICTs, gender and climate change through the lens of the women working in the software, rather than the hardware side of things. While many of the big companies in North America have taken steps to ensure that the energy for data processing comes from renewable sources, the question remains what is the environmental impact and...

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[COLUMN] Joining the dots: Labour, sustainability, resilience in gender and climate change

Posted Lun 17 Oct 2016 - 17:34 | 24,246 views
What is the connection between labour unions, women workers and climate change? This monthly column on connecting the dots between climate change and gender, explores the exploitative conditions that are still prevalent in the electronics industry. While workers in Pearl River delta in China may no longer face sweatshop conditions, the production has shifted to other poorer parts and most often...

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[COLUMN] Joining the dots: Gender, ICTs and climate change

Posted Lun 19 Sep 2016 - 11:22 | 6,418 views
We are facing a climate emergency. In this column series, GenderIT is joining millions of other groups and individuals in building hope in the face of this fear. First we examine why climate change and the contributions of the ICT industry to climate change have a gender dimension, and why gender and ICT policy needs to build in climate awareness. In other words, just like gender, climate change...

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A legacy on how gender is built into the way we discuss and use technology

Posted Mié 17 Jun 2015 - 15:27 | 13,495 views
In this article, talks with Anita Gurumurthy from IT For Change about gender and privacy. Anita worked with Heike in the Gender and Citizenship in the Information Society research programme.


Rendering the invisible visible: In memory of Dr Heike Jensen

Posted Mar 16 Jun 2015 - 15:00 | 10,998 views
Despite Heike's pessimism about the internet as it is today and the ways in which it is developing, there is a deep-seated optimism about Heike's work. She recognised that patriarchy is oppressive not just to women, but to the majority of men as well, whether due to their poverty, the colour of their skin or their sexuality. By taking apart the structures of patriarchy, uncovering the power...

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Tecnología y violencia contra las mujeres en CSW 57: "Tanto gobiernos como ONG lo plantearon como un tema preocupante"

Posted Jue 11 Abr 2013 - 14:49 | 7,341 views
La 57 sesión de la Comisión sobre la Condición de la Mujer (CSW, por sus siglas en inglés) tuvo lugar en Nueva York del 4 al 5 de marzo. Este año el tema principal fue la 'eliminación y prevención de todas las formas de violencia contra las mujeres'. Chat García Ramilo y Jan Moolman, del Programa de derechos de las mujeres de APC, estuvieron allí y conversaron con Sonia Randhawa acerca de la...