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Samita Chatterjee

Samsam aka Samita Chatterjee is a visual artist currently based out of New Delhi, India. After some years of studying taxation laws, she lost her mind just enough to start painting in the streets of her hometown Kolkata with her first crew. Eventually she moved to New Delhi and started the Aerosol Assassins Crew with a couple of India’s first graffiti writers. She has also extensively worked in visual storytelling through illustrations and comics. Her practice has explored the human form, technology, the surreal and the fantastic and also included collaborations with various other creators in exploring gender and sexuality.

Photo credit: Pallavi Gaur

Voices and Views

TBTT Global Meet, Nepal: An illustrated journey with questionable accuracy/a love letter to the gathering

Posted Vie 7 Dic 2018 - 08:08 | 5,389 views

An illustrated journal and love letter to the feminists, hackers, women, gender-diverse, astrology-believers, radical nay-sayers, hikers, sleepers, vegans, beef-eaters, and everyone else who gathered in Nepal for the Take back the Tech and Feminist Tech Exchange camps in August 2018.