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Minna Salami is a Nigerian-Finnish writer and the founder of MsAfropolitan (, a multiple award-winning blog covering contemporary Africa and Diaspora society and culture from a feminist perspective. Minna is a member of the Duke University Corporate Education Global Learning Resource Network. She is also a contributor to the Guardian Africa Network and a Huffington Post contributor. Her main areas of expertise include extensive research and writing on gender issues in African society; media and popular culture in an African context; speaking engagements, university guest lectures as well as providing workshops and master classes. Read more about Minna in

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The coming of (digital) age: How African feminists are using the internet to change women's lives

Posted Lun 5 Mayo 2014 - 13:24 | 19,427 views
In this article, the writer Minna Salami states that while the digital wave is marked by more diversity than previous feminist waves, with people of all walks of life contributing, it is nevertheless predominantly the ways that white/western feminists challenge patriarchal structures using the internet that has garnered attention. "However, important milestones of the global feminist struggle go...