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Lamia Kosovic

Lamia Kosovic is an instructional designer and lecturer in Gender Studies and Communication Arts. She did her PhD studies in Philosophy of Communication Arts at the European Graduate School, and got her masters in Digital Media Studies at New School, NYC. She has worked as a writer on technology, as a student advisor, gender consultant, and graphic designer. She published a book "Re-imag(in)ing of the Posthuman" along with few other philosophical articles related to media and graphic arts. Lamia is a war survivor, a refugee survivor and a nomad. Now, she is actively looking for job while living in the States with her daughter. Love hanging in the mountains, on the rivers, oceans and coasts, love traveling and discovering new places.

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Becoming an agent of change

Posted Mar 19 Ago 2014 - 13:36 | 8,602 views
Are feminists bored with online activism? Cyber feminists’ minor politics and affirmative political approach often presents us with dynamic, thematic and changeable maps of affinities, of political kinship, and there is a strong potential in the crafting of such unities. However, there are more than just a few obstacles that feminists in the virtual communities have to deal with. “But their...