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Juliette Bretan

Juliette Bretan is a freelance journalist covering Polish and Eastern European current affairs and culture. She has contributed to the BBC World Service, and written for The Sunday Times, CityMetric, The Independent, Ozy, Notes from Poland and CultureTrip.

Feminist talk

Online protests against Poland's abortion law become stronger

Posted Mar 12 Ene 2021 - 10:12 | 4,519 views

New changes to Poland's abortion law could effectively ban abortion. Online protests have been building momentum to counter the force of the government, even as the pandemic rages on in Europe.

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Feminist talk

Polish protests against abortion ban during covid-19

Posted Mié 15 Jul 2020 - 14:59 | 3,962 views

Even as the world reels under the impact of the global pandemic, women in Poland have to protest against draconian and restrictive amendments to the abortion law that would make getting an abortion far more difficult than it already is.

Image description: 2016 Protest in Poland against abortion law