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Gayatri Ganju

My work focuses on gender and the environment and i'm especially interested at the intersection at which they meet. I am currently working on a long-term project with native communities from South India, documenting how their folklore and forests, which are intertwined, are both disappearing. 
I was initially drawn to photography by my love for peoples stories. My practice was driven by my need and ability to connect with my subjects. Somewhere along the lines, things shifted and I found myself drawn to landscapes and the environment. I began to look at spaces as my subjects. At the moment I feel like both these loves are coming together and I am interested in looking at people and their relationship to the natural world. I'm inspired by narratives that weave through mythology and the mundane, collapsing the line between fact and fiction. 
I graduated from the London College of Communication with a Masters in Documentary Photography, end of 2013. After which I moved back home to Bangalore (India) where I am currently based and work freelance. 

Feminist talk

Weaving a Community Together – From Grassroots to Tech

Posted Mar 29 Oct 2019 - 11:47 | 6,577 views

A photo essay of a community network and the women working at the radio station and using the community network located just at the outskirts of Bangalore in India.

Image description: Two people check equipment on top of hill