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Fungai Machirori is a feminist researcher and writer whose areas of interest include digital and social media, and online feminist activism.

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Can Black African Women Finally Hack The System Through Their Digital Feminism?

Posted Jue 14 Jul 2022 - 09:13 | 6,808 views

Young Black women are moving away from the "Stong Black Woman" narrative, and using online platforms to redefine digital feminism for them. Fungai Machirori explores how one young Black woman is attempting to hack the system. But is it working?

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Who is your global South feminism serving?

Posted Jue 20 Ago 2020 - 13:38 | 8,627 views

In this article, the Zimbabwean feminist researcher and writer Fungai Machirori challenges the idea of "the global South" as a homogenous space.

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Interview with Just Associates SouthEast Asia

Posted Lun 6 Nov 2017 - 11:45 | 7,553 views
Just Associates believes that women who are most affected by the political, economic, environmental and health crises reverberating across the world are on the frontlines of change. In this interview with Fungai Machirori, JASS speaks about the changing nature of activism and how they rise to the challenge put forth by digital movements and tools.