ARROW for Change: Sexuality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, and the Internet

What are the relationships and interdependencies influencing the promises of being online: voice, visibility, and power? This ARROW for Change (AFC) issue on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and the internet documents some of these dynamics.

Information technologies are now part of the chemistry of activism. The struggle for digital sovereignty and freedoms online are not necessarily new; they are a continuation of existing political struggles. Movements and activisms for “internet freedom” or “digital access” should therefore not be isolated from movements and collective action in other areas such as SRHR. This AFC is an attempt to narrativise sites of continuity, connection, and potential collaboration.

The New Green: The Landscapes of Digital Activism

One and the Other: Fighting Online Misogyny, Fighting a Corporatised Internet

Minding the Data Gap: Data Risks and Revolutions in Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals

Quantifying Fertility and Reproduction through Mobile Apps: A Critical Overview

Apps, Drones, and iTunes: Opportunities and Challenges in Using New Technologies for Safe Medical Abortion Services

The Potential Impact of Free Basics on SRHR Advocacy in Bangladesh

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Gender, Romance, and the Internet: The Creation of a Non-Binary, Non-Binary Person

Is Access Real? Disability, Sexuality, and the Digital Space

monitoring regional and global activities

Security in Contentious Contexts: Exploring Digital Resilience for Organisations Serving Sexual and Gender

Safer Nudes! A Sexy Guide to Digital Security

Women’s Bodies on Digital Battlegrounds: Networks of Information and Support by Pro-choice Activists in Latin America

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Access, Legislation, and Online Freedom of Expression: A Data Overview

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Miércoles, Junio 1, 2016
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