The report collects inputs from the workshop organized by IT for Change in April 2011 in New Delhi. The workshop was the part of Asia-wide research programme 'Gender and Citizenship in the Information Society (CITIGEN)' and brought together researchers, scholars and practitioners to share their views on democracy and women's participation, new articulations of citizenship in the information society and other issues at stake. The CITIGEN programme seeks to inform policy and practice through research and focuses on five thematic areas: local resistance and global solidarities; emancipation and the neo-liberal feminine subject; gender and public discourse in the emerging public spheres; new paradigms of local governance and participatory development; and technology governance and gender politics.
SESSION I: Stories of Change – What is emerging from the CITIGEN research. Presentations by the
CITIGEN research teams from Bangladesh, China, India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong/Taiwan.
SESSION II: Women's citizenship in the information society – Mapping the contemporary context.
SESSION III: Democracy and women's participation – ICT-mediated processes for making institutions
work for women
SESSION IV: Feminist spaces in the network society – Engendering resistance
SESSION V: What we seem to be hearing since yesterday
SESSION VI: Forging community and creating identity – New articulations of citizenship in the
information society
SESSION VII: Issues at stake – The nature of participation in virtual reality / real virtuality

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