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In the name of god
Dear All
To me a gender biased ,does not make any sense,only based on theoretical p.o.v. According to my studies,IT and its sub-devisions can be define in three levels:producing stage,planning how to use IT, and consuming stage. most women stands at the 3rd stage.Mainly becaue they were not the first target. IT WAS APPLIED FOE THE ECONOMIC PURPOSES,only at the level of directors,managers of banks and so on.If you take a look at the history of technologo,mainly instructional part,you will notice that with the coming age of each technology,the same story was repeated,mainly during the time of T>V>booming,when women were used for advertisment of goods.Now at the bigining of the 21st century the same story is being repeeated.I would like to ask you wether ,in islamic countries the situations are the same?Women at the decision making levels use it or others? To me thiking of s.w.,h.w. and human ware and the present situation ,isssss one subject,and using women for the sake of men is another one. through out the history of mankind,wether we had acces to e-....or not men doninated ,or governd the world. The final but not the end queston ,is why.

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