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You say that the process is complicated by speaking about a gender bias. I'm not clear if you would rather we didn't speak about the bias, or if you disagree with its existence in the first place. Either way I disagree with you. The bias, as I see it is self-evident - there are many more men involved in information communications networking than women.That's a problem, and it's one we need to work to change.
We can disagree on the causes of that bias, and on the implications of that bias, but not that it exists.
Whilst I tend to think you are right to say that being raised to do the 'man-stuff' has little to do with our abilities to do good tech development work, I'd say it's the daily assumptions about whether or not we were raised that way, that has everything to do with the chances we get to do good tech development work.
And how do we change those assumptions? By challenging them with exactly the sorts of work that Cris Ojeda is doing, and acknowledging that the biased assumptions are there (and need to be overcome) in the first place

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