Las colaboradoras de son la fuente de información y conocimientos que monitorean las últimas tendencias en materia de políticas y culturas en internet, profundizando el análisis y la visión feministas. Nuestras colaboradoras son periodistas, activistas, abogadas, blogueras, hackers y también ilustradoras, realizadoras de videos y films, y creadoras de cómics. Provienen principalmente del Sur global.

Neha Mathews

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Neha Mathews is a freelance writer based out of Mumbai.
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Sandra Chaher

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Periodista y consultora en comunicación y género, reside en Argentina
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Helen Nyinakiiza

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Helen Nyinakiiza is a trainer of safety and security tools for human rights defenders. She is a consultant for Amnesty's Panic Button project and currently working on the USABLE workshop program by Internews. Helen is passionate about... Read more…
Imagen de Siko Bouterse

Siko Bouterse

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Siko has worked with global online communities for over 10 years with an intent to build bridges and empower people to share knowledge. As Director of Community Resources at the Wikimedia Foundation, she led a team of grantmakers and... Read more…
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Carol contributes to research and the Gender and Technology Programme at Tactical Tech

Vera Vieira

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Vera Vieira is the executive director of Brazilian Peace Women Association (Associação Mulheres pela Paz), in São Paulo, Brazil. She is a journalist with doctorate in Communication and Feminism at University of São Paulo.

Maria Goñi Mazzitelli

4 posts
María Goñi Mazzitelli es socióloga egresada de la Universidad de la República, Uruguay. Feminista e investigadora sobre TIC y género.
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Zara Rahman

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Zara is a researcher, writer and linguist who is interested in the intersection of power, culture and technology. She has worked in over twenty-five countries in the field of information accessibility and data use among civil society. She... Read more…
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Lisa Garcia

4 posts
Imagen de Digital Rights Foundation

Digital Rights Foundation

1 post
Digital Rights Foundation is a research based advocacy organisation based in Pakistan focusing on ICTs to support human rights, democratic processes and better digital governance. DRF opposes any and all sorts of online censorship and... Read more…
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Caroline Tagny

6 posts
Caroline is the West and Central Africa Programs Coordinator for the Coalition of African Lesbians. Based in Johannesburg, she is interested in how the internet can be a catalyst for women's rights and sexual rights activism.
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Dhyta Caturani

6 posts
Dhyta Caturani is a long-time human rights and women's rights activist in Indonesia. She currently works as a project coordinator at EngageMedia, a non profit organization that uses the power of technology to create social and... Read more…

Becky Band Jain

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Becky Band Jain is committed to the use of technology for good. She has ten years of experience in international communications, including with the United Nations. She recently led a technology innovation initiative housed in the UN... Read more…

Keka López

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Andrea del Rio

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Andrea is a Peruvian techie. She is currently part of the APC team as part of her engagement in the Mozilla Foundation Open Web Fellowship.

World Association for Christian Communication

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The World Association for Christian Communication is registered in Canada as a not-for-profit corporation (438311-7) and an incorporated charitable organisation with its offices at 308 Main Street, Toronto ON, M4C 4X7.
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Mary Onyango

3 posts
Mary Onyango is part of The International Association of Women in Radio & Television (IAWRT) Kenya.