EROTICS: Sex, rights, and the net - part 1

In 2008 the APC Women's Programme began a two and a half year research project looking into the role of sexuality online. The study, called Exploratory Research on Sexuality and ICTs -- or "EroTICs" -- looked at the experiences of a diversity of users, primarily women and girls of different ages, classes, sexual orientations and identities. Research was conducted in five countries: Brazil, India, Lebanon, South Africa and the United States.

This two-part edition of GenderIT aims to present this groundbreaking research. The first part of the edition features the executive summaries of the full reports, and brings interviews with the EroTICs researchers and the experts involved within the fields of the internet governance, sexuality and women's rights, who shared with us their ideas, insights and policy recommendations based on the findings of this research. The second part of the edition will publish the full reports. We hope this will help to guide an informed debate around internet governance, content regulations and internet rights.

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EROTICS raises fascinating new questions

The EroTICs research of sexuality and the internet revealed that contrary to much public opinion, sexuality online is much more than just pornography. As the EroTICs project comes to a close,'s writer Grady Johnson asked some of the experts to share their thoughts about the research.
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EROTICS in Brazil: The complex universe of sexuality on the internet

Sexuality Policy Watch and the Latin American Centre on Sexuality and Human Rights teamed up together to conduct the EroTICs research in Brazil. In an interview with Flavia Fascendini, they talked about their participation in the project as an opportunity to address the nuanced impact of new Internet legislation on sexuality. They approached this complex issue from two sides: looking at legislative and public policy on the one hand, and at expressions of sexual minorities on the other. Their next step will be to discuss the findings with other researchers and actors in the fields of communications, gender and sexual rights.
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India and South Africa: The hidden story of sex on the internet

After two years the EROTICS research has revealed that sex on the internet is much more than just pornography, but instead it includes a vibrant ecosystem of individuals sharing and discovering their sexuality online. Not only that, the internet provides a space for sexual and identity rights activists to organize and advocate for change.
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Lebanon and USA: Where is the line for sex on the internet? contributor Mavic Cabrera-Balleza speaks with EroTICS researchers Melissa Hope Ditmore and Kevicha Echols as well as LGBT activist Nadine Moawad about the role of the internet in our sexual lives. They talk about the effect that filtering and censorship have on sexual expression and access to information, particularly for youth and LGBT persons.