A team of feminist journalists from Asia, Latin America, North Africa,
the Middle East and Eastern and Western Europe will take part in the
World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) from November 16-18th in
Tunis, Tunisia. The Citizens’ Summit on the Information Society (CSIS),
which is an alternative event to the WSIS conference, will also be

The team’s goal is to carry out bilingual media coverage in English and
French and publish it in the 3rd issue of the international feminist
magazine, Digitall Future. The publication is a product of ENAWA
(European North American WomenAction – www.enawa.org) network and
realized under co-direction of Les P?n?lopes in France and the
International Information Centre and Archives for the Women’s Movement
(IIAV) in the Netherlands.

The third issue of Digitall Future is due out in the beginning of
January 2006. This edition will mainly focus on communication rights,
information democracy, the free software movement and privatization
policies, sex trafficking through ITs, newly created UN financial
policies and the legitimacy of the private sector. There will also be a
special section on the situation of government repression of individual
freedom of expression in Tunisia. The French members of the team will
monitor the event from home and boycott the WSIS making a statement
against France’s complicity as the former colonial power within the

After the first phase of the WSIS conference in Geneva, the European
Social Forum in London and the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, the
Digitall Future team is dedicated to participating in international
gatherings in order to network, learn about current issues and
disseminate information from a feminist perspective.

The following is a list of Digitall Future’s media team who will be
attending WSIS:

  • Senhadja Akhouf from Algeria/ France
  • Malala Fontan from Argentina
  • Christina Haralanova from Bulgaria
  • Niala Maharaj from Trinidad / the Netherlands
  • Dafne Plou from Argentina
  • Mina Saadadi from Iran/ the Netherlands

  • Other members of the team who will be covering the summit from France:

  • Anne Marchand
  • Joelle Palmieri

  • To order a copy of the publication write to pr@iiav.nl

    To contact the English editor in chief, write to Mina Saadadi: zanborak@xs4all.nl

    To contact the French editor in chief, write to Anne Marchand: anne.chand@wanadoo.fr

    Lin McDevitt-Pugh

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