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Magaly Pazello

7 posts
Associate researcher at EMERGE Communication & Emergence Research Center, Fluminense Federal University.
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Marina Maria

10 posts
Marina Maria es integrante del equipo de investigación brasilero del proyecto EROTICS.
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Lalaine P. Viado

2 posts
Lalaine P. Viado acts as researcher and advocate nationally, regionally and internationally. She currently works as the regional coordinator for the APC WNSP MDG3's Take Back The Tech Project in Asia-Pacific. Lalaine is based in... Read more…
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Karen Banks

1 post
Karen es directora de tecnologías estratégicas y fortalecimiento de la red de APC. En 1993, ella junto a otras mujeres colegas de APC formaron el Programa de Apoyo a las Redes de Mujeres de APC. Empezó como técnica: a principios de los 90... Read more…
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Participant at the IGF 2010, and the member of the Lebanon EroTICs team.

Samantha Marx

3 posts
Web girl


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Manjima Bhattacharjya

3 posts
Manjima Bhattacharjya is a sociologist based in Mumbai. Manjima together with Maya Ganesh are the Indian partners on APC's EroTICs project.
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Cecilia Gordano

9 posts
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Emily Nyarko

2 posts
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Jorge Bossio

5 posts
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Mario Osava

2 posts
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Reba Shahid

3 posts
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Cris Ojeda

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Sally Burch

6 posts